Greenhouse Buckets, the ultimate garden cloche!

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Greenhouse Buckets Features: Greenhouse Bucket

• Performs like an easily portable miniature greenhouse
• Provides frost protection for your plants

• Allows an earlier start to your gardening season
• Helps protect plants from insects, pests, wind, and weather
• Night time condensation recycles water and reduces plant watering needs
• 30 to 40°F temperature increase under our Greenhouse Buckets on sunny days
• Incorporates a large adjustable vent ring to help control humidity & temperature
• Made from a tough UV stabilized long-life translucent material

• 0.080 inch thick wall construction for a strong and durable product
• Can be secured with optional heavy-duty ground pegs for windy locations
• Stackable for convenient off-season storage
• Internal ribs stiffen the sidewalls and help prevent sticking when stacked for storage
• 14-inch diameter base by 14-inches tall (5 gallon size)
• Money back satisfaction guarantee
• Proudly made in the USA


Our Commitment:

mini greenhouse

Not only do I stand behind my Greenhouse Buckets, but they are even strong enough for me to stand on them.  Please note that even though my Greenhouse Buckets are very strong they are not intended to be used as a step stool and this demonstration was only to show how well built they are!

If you purchase my Greenhouse Buckets and for any reason you are not fully satisfied with their construction or performance, then return them and I will fully refund the purchase price.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!