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Greenhouse Buckets

$14.99 each USD ~ sold in sets of 3, 6, 12, 18 ...

• Performs like an easily portable miniature greenhouse

• Provides complete frost protection for your plants

• Allows an earlier start to your gardening season

• Helps protect plants from insects, pests, wind, and weather

• Night time condensation recycles water and reduces plant watering needs

• 30 to 40°F temperature increase under a Greenhouse Buckets on a sunny day

• Large adjustable vent ring helps control humidity and temperature

• Made from a tough UV stabilized long-life translucent material

• 0.080 inch thick wall construction for a strong and durable product

• Can be secured with optional heavy-duty ground pegs for windy locations

• Stackable for convenient off-season storage

• Internal ribs stiffen the sidewalls and prevent sticking when stacked for storage

• Large 5 gallon size (14-inch diameter base by 14-inches tall)

• Money back satisfaction guarantee!

• Proudly made in the USA!

$44.97 - $359.76