A Little Garden Cloche History

garden cloche

Cloche originated from the French word that literally means bell.  Its first known use was from the early 1880s and a cloche is defined as either a close-fitting woman's hat with a bell-like shape or bell-shaped plant cover used primarily to protect plants from frost.  Garden cloches have been used extensively in most European countries for well over a hundred years with great success, but cloches have not seen much use in Western hemisphere countries.

The use of portable mini greenhouses like garden cloches is not new to gardeners. To learn more regarding the history and use of portable mini greenhouses and garden cloches your can visit the National Gardening Organization website and read the article All About Garden Cloches.

A garden cloche is nothing more than a portable mini greenhouse. Garden cloches are easy to setup and use. Our Greenhouse Buckets are the ultimate garden cloche that will fill your portable mini greenhouse needs!  

Greenhouse Buckets are heavy-duty portable mini greenhouses that help protect your plants from frost, insects, pests, wind and weather.  These portable mini greenhouses are approximately the size of a standard 5-gallon bucket and are made from a tough UV stabilized long-life translucent material.  Greenhouse buckets incorporate a large adjustable vent ring to help control humidity and temperature under our portable mini greenhouses.  

Using our Greenhouse Buckets as a portable mini greenhouse will allow you to plant earlier in the spring because as a greenhouse they provide frost protection for your plants.  In addition your plants will grow in a greenhouse environment until you remove our portable mini greenhouses when the weather gets warm enough.  

Based on prior testing of our portable mini greenhouses, on a sunny day temperatures under our portable mini greenhouses will rise between 30 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  If the outside temperature is 50 degrees, then your plants will be growing in a humid 80 to 90 degree environment.  Not only does the air warm under our portable mini greenhouses but the soil does too and this results in accelerated plant root growth.  

Another advantage of using our Greenhouse Buckets is reduced watering needs for your garden starts.  That is because of the night time condensation which recycles water under our portable mini greenhouses and keeps your garden starts from drying out.    

Our Greenhouse Buckets serve as a portable mini greenhouse that are easy to use and built to last.  Greenhouse Buckets stack together for off-season storage and because of their interior rib construction resist sticking together.  Our Greenhouse Buckets are the ultimate garden cloche and are proudly made in the USA.   

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