Portable Mini Greenhouses vs. Stationary Full-Size Greenhouses

So a reasonable question to ask is what are the pros and cons relating to portable mini greenhouses compared to stationary full-size greenhouses.  First off both portable mini greenhouses and stationary full-size greenhouses have many of the same attributes that make them desirable to gardeners.  In simple terms they primarily extend your growing season by altering the growing environment for your plants. 
What I want to focus on here is the distinct advantages of both types of greenhouses, a portable mini greenhouse versus a stationary full-size greenhouse.

mini greenhouseSome of the advantages of a portable mini greenhouse, such as our Greenhouse Buckets, are: 

• Simple to set-up and use
• Relatively inexpensive to purchase
• Have a long life expectancy
• Require almost no maintenance
• Easily storable during the off-season
• Don’t require additional land to use
• Provide effective pest control
• Can eliminate the need to transplant garden starts
• Easy to operate vent ring helps control interior temperature and humidity
• Can be easily removed if weather become unseasonably hot

Some of the advantages of a stationary full-size greenhouse are:

• Roomier i.e. you can walk in and visit your plants 
• Plants can be placed on raised benches which facilitate working on them
• If power is available supplemental heat and forced ventilation can be used to help control interior temperatures and humidity
• Can be used for miscellaneous storage during the off-growing season
• Provide the gardener shelter from the weather when working on their plants
• Good place to hide when the gardener’s in-laws comes to visit!

The above listed advantages for both portable mini greenhouses and stationary full-size greenhouses are not meant to be all inclusive, but give the reader food for thought when deciding which is best for their purchase and use.  In some cases gardeners will prefer to have both portable mini greenhouses along with a stationary full-size walk-in greenhouse.  In that case they will have the best of both worlds! 

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