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As with any product, using it correctly will help with the customer's satisfaction of the product.  Greenhouse Buckets are intended to provide the home gardener with a convenient way of extending their growing season by allowing them to plant earlier in the spring.  Planting earlier in the spring is possible because our Greenhouse Buckets will help protect your garden starts from frost damage.

Not only can you extend your growing season by planting earlier in the spring, the plants placed under our Greenhouse Buckets will also grow faster in a moist warmer greenhouse environment.  In many locations you can plant your garden starts weeks earlier than normal because you no longer need to worry about frost damage.  But the effect on the plant’s growth rate is much greater than just the earlier planting schedule.

For example, if the daytime temperature is 50° F (10° C), then on a partly cloudy day the afternoon interior temperature within our Greenhouse Bucket will typically be 20 to 30 ° F (11.1 to 16.7 ° C) warmer than the outside temperature.  Therefore your plants will be growing in a 70 to 80°F (21.1 to 26.7° C) environment.  If you have provided adequate water, then not only will it be a warm but also a moist growing environment.  Most garden plants are fairly dormant at temperatures below 60°F (15.6° C), so by using our Greenhouse buckets they will grow faster in more ideal growing conditions.

The Table below shows the range of typical afternoon temperature increases under our Greenhouse Buckets given the sky conditions listed and with the adjustable vent ring closed.  Temperature increases under our Greenhouse Buckets can be decreased by fully or partially opening the adjustable vent ring.

garden cloche

Sky Condition: Typical Temperature
Range Increase °F (°C):
Cloudy 5 - 10°F (2.8 - 5.6°C)
Mostly Cludy 10 - 20°F (5.6 - 11.1°C)
Partly Cloudy 20 - 30°F (11.1 - 16.7°C)
Sunny 30- 40°F (16.7 - 22.2°C)

Another benefit to using our Greenhouse Bucket is that the need to water your garden starts is significantly reduced.  This is because during the cooler night the high humidity air trapped under our Greenhouse Bucket condensates on the cooler interior surfaces of the bucket.  This night time condensation replicates rain occurring inside the bucket and results in recycling the moisture back into the soil.  Trapping moisture under the buckets also prevents your starts from drying out during sunny days when the plant’s roots have not yet developed deep enough to resist drying out.  When watering your garden starts either completely remove our Greenhouse Buckets to facilitate watering or fully open the vent ring holes and watering through them.

When deciding how early in the spring you can plant your garden starts when using our Greenhouse Buckets your primary concern needs to be the risk of night time temperatures below freezing.  As explained in the Section “Freeze Protection”, under the right circumstances our Greenhouse Buckets can provide some protection from freezing temperatures. This can occur only if there is significant sunshine during the day and the temperatures at night are at or slightly below freezing for only a relatively short period of time.  It is strongly recommended not to plant your garden starts even when using our Greenhouse Buckets until the risk of night time temperatures below freezing is very low.  Planting can occur when there is a higher risk of frost as our Greenhouse Buckets are very effective at protecting your plants from frost damage.

Using our Greenhouse Buckets is somewhat similar to starting your plants in a standard greenhouse.  One major difference is that when plants are started in a standard greenhouse they have to be transplanted into your garden where they will suffer some degree of transplant shock and their root system will have grown unnaturally in a confined container.  When using our Greenhouse Buckets you can place the plants directly into your garden and when the weather permits and a greenhouse environment is no longer needed just remove our buckets.  The plants don’t suffer the typical transplant shock as they were planted into your garden when they were smaller and now their root system has developed naturally.

To try and make-up for a shorter growing season or just to try and get a head-start on their garden many gardeners buy larger vegetable starts.  The problem with using larger starts is that their root system has not developed naturally as they would have if they had been grown in an unconfined space.  It is common that when larger vegetable starts are removed from their containers their roots will be wrapped around the sides and bottom of the container.  To get the best growing results from root-bound starts you should either cut or pull apart the roots that are wrapped around the sides and bottom of their container prior to transplanting.  Although disturbing the roots to help them grow more naturally once they are transplanted is a necessary evil, it does definitely result in the plant suffering even more transplant shock.  A good rule of thumb relating to the size of a vegetable start is that the larger the start the more transplant shock it will experience.

When growing starts under our Greenhouse Buckets we recommend using smaller starts. The smaller starts typically suffer less transplant shock and their root system will have a much better chance of developing naturally. A naturally developed root system will provide for a healthier and more productive plant. When you are using our Greenhouse Buckets you can plant earlier and the starts will be growing in a more ideal growing environment, your actual harvest date will be earlier that if you planted later with larger starts.

Another benefit of using our Greenhouse Buckets to get a head-start on your garden is that the plant’s root system will develop much faster and will be more robust.  This is because the roots need warm soil temperature to grow properly.  When plants are grown under our Greenhouse Buckets not only does the plant’s foliage grow in a warm moist environment but the soil under them is also warmed.  Testing has shown a significant increase in the size of root systems grown under our Greenhouse buckets when compared to plants grown without them. Having a larger and more robust root system typically results in a healthier and more productive plant that is more tolerate of watering conditions.

The purpose of the adjustable vent ring is to help allow the gardener to control the temperature and humidity inside of our Greenhouse Buckets.  During early spring or cooler days with less direct sunlight the vent rings should remain closed to retain the solar generated heat.  During warmer days later in the spring with clearer skies the vent rings can be partially or fully opened to release some of the solar generated heat.  On occasions the temperature may exceed the ideal growing temperature for your starts, but as long as there is sufficient moisture in the ground there will also be high humidity air inside our Greenhouse Bucket.  Plants can do well with higher than normal air temperatures as long as they not only have sufficient ground moisture but also have high humidity in the surrounding air.  If unseasonably hot weather occurs for short periods in the spring, then our Greenhouse Buckets can be completely removed from the starts and replaced when more normal spring weather returns.  If during unseasonably hot weather the nights are still cool, then our Greenhouse Buckets can be placed over the plants in the evenings to help retain heat during the cool nights.

In the spring when garden starts are most vulnerable to insect damage our Greenhouse Buckets can provide barrier type protection from insects or other pests. This type of protection can limit the need to use various pesticides to protect your plants from insects or other types of pests. At times the use of pesticides may be necessary, but I prefer to use other options as much as possible when they are available.

Our Greenhouse Buckets should be permanently removed from your garden starts when the threat of night time frost is gone and daytime temperatures have consistently reached ideal growing temperatures for the type of plants you are growing.  In addition, if your plants have outgrown our Greenhouse Buckets and their natural development is being negatively affected, then our Greenhouse Buckets should be removed.

Our Greenhouse Buckets are manufactured from a translucent material.  As demonstrated by commercial greenhouses, a greenhouse does not need to be covered with perfectly clear materials.  Greenhouses are commonly covered with fairly opaque materials and still preform as intended.  If for any reason one of our Greenhouse Buckets does get muddy or significantly dirty enough to block sunlight, then it should be washed with warm soapy water.

Our Greenhouse Buckets require little care to have a long service life.  An ultraviolet (UV) stabilizer has been added to the material used to manufacture our product to help protect it from the damaging effects from exposure to the sun.  To get their maximum life expectancy it is recommended to store them out of direct sunlight when they are not being used in the garden.  In addition, during periods of extremely cold weather care should be taken not to impact them as they are more susceptible to damage when extremely cold.  If properly cared for our Greenhouse buckets should give many years of use.

Optional ground pegs are available for locations where high winds could potentially result in our Greenhouse Buckets being overturned.  These pegs hook-over the bottom lip of our Greenhouse Bucket to secure them to the ground.  The ground pegs are also useful in preventing our Greenhouse Buckets from being disturbed or overturned by pets and wildlife.  The ground pegs sold by us in packs of three are made from automotive grade ABS plastic and are much more durable than cheaply made overseas ground pegs.  We believe so strongly in the quality of our ground pegs that we offer a lifetime replacement warranty on them.  If for any reason one of the ground pegs fails, just return it to us and we will replace it for free.  No questions asked!